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So, how to pronounce "ㄷ" (ㄸ,ㅌ) and "ㄴ" sounds properly? Linguistic question.

According to the one book written by native speaker, while pronouncing these sounds, the blade of your tongue (which is right behind the tip) typically touches the front part of the dental ridge (the bony ridge immediately behind the upper front teeth) and even the back of the upper teeth.

But some other trustful sources (ttmik, kc101) say that the tongue goes right between your upper and lower teeth.

So, what way if pronouncing ㄷ, ㄸ, ㅌ, ㄴ is correct? How do you, korean speakers, pronounce these sounds? Or maybe it doesn't matter and depends mainly on speaker?

I really wanna to get good korean accent, so it's important for me! Thanks a bunch for every answer!

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