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What`s the meaning of 「もののり」?

I don't know which kanji is the correct for this word, but i suppose it's an adjective. If anyone knows, could you help me, please?

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The video i was watching is this one: , around 7:30. It's an old anime, the author is Akira Toriyama.

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    I got it. That's 物好き(ものずき).

    物好き describes people who like to do weird/unnecessary/unusual things just from curiosity and whim. In this anime, the captain gives a test for Arare in spite that she is so small and looks weak to join the team.

    btw, I watched Arare-chan as a child:)) Thanks for the link!


    You mean ものしり(物知り) ? もののり is new to me.

    ものしり is a person who widely knows information or knowledge of many things.
    To become a person called ものしり, they don't necessarily need to be better educated or a specialist. It's just that they know many things, including trivia.

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