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사 랑


When is it correct to use "사 랑 합 니 디"? I heard it is ULTRA FORMAL.

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    Did a HIP Korean told you that?
    They are correct though, "사랑합니다" is in fact "I love you" in formal form.
    But it doesn't mean you never use it.
    I'm not native speaker so I don't know for sure, but I think I would use it when I want to express it together with a sense of respect.
    E.g. : 선생님 사랑해요. (I express my sense of closeness to the teacher)
    선생님 사랑합니다. (I express my sense of respect to the teacher)

    Same goes for parents, grandparents, or anyone I want to/should show respect to.

    That's me anyway.
    Hope it helps.

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