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有没有会一点中文 同时会英语的啊 因为我英语太差 几乎是0基础 我希望可以学好点 假如可以的话可以帮帮忙吗

For learning: English
Base language: Chinese (Mandarin)
Category: Other



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    I check with Google translate what you wrote (我与谷歌翻译你写的检查) : There will be a little Chinese English because my English is bad almost 0 I hope I can learn basis points if you can, then you can help.

    I am sure you can find an English teacher who also speaks and writes in Mandarin. That will help you at least for now .

    有一些。 我推荐你第一个学英语用Rosetta Stone还是一个老师, 然后找语言搭搭档。 你也可以找网上的功课。


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