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What does "Look around at" mean?

The person who is being transmitted to a remote location can actually "look around at" the people

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The real world could soon be using a similar technology. Computer experts at the Institute are developing a 3-D video teleconferencing system. It would send a video image of a person into a meeting room. That image would be able to work with the people in the room, who would see it in 3-D without special eyeglasses. Paul Debevec says:

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    It sounds like you are talking about Virtual Reality.

    "To look at" means to look straight at something.

    "To look around at" means to be able to look straight, left, right, behind you, etc.

    In Virtual Reality, you are just looking at a computer screen. So you are looking straight at something. But some systems let you "look around". You can turn your head left and right and see many other things.

    I hope that's what you meant.

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