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Translating a part of a song

I'm struggling translating this song into English. Help me? Oh, and if possible explain too ^^.

"오늘같이 찬바람이 불어오면
생각이 나는 그 사람
그저 힘들었던 아픔도
계절을 타고 좋았던 기억들만 남고 "

Here is what i have :

오늘 – today
같이 – together, at same time
찬바람 – Cold, chilly wind
불어오다 – to blow (but it's conjugated?)

생각 – thought , thinking, an idea
나 – I
그 – That (closer to another person)
사람 – person
I am thinking of being with that person?

그저 – only, just
힘들다 – to be hard, difficult
있던 – makes verb pass tense
아픔 – illness
도 – me, too

계절 – season
타고 (also conjugated, but so many definitions i the dictionary i didn't know which one to choose!)
좋았던 – to have liked
기억들 – memories
만 – 10,000
남고 – to remain (w/ connective conjugation)
Thanks i advance!

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    오늘같이 찬바람이 불어오면
    When it's cold and windy as today (There's no cold-windy, right?)
    생각이 나는 그 사람
    I think about the person. (it(cold wind) reminds me of the person)
    그저 힘들었던 아픔도
    계절을 타고 좋았던 기억들만 남고
    There remain only good memories
    as seasons go by with (my) tiring/heart-breaking pains

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