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what is the difference between particle 지 and 니 ?

I was wondering what is the difference between these particles :

1. ..지 particle
Ex. 알아지 ?
알겠지 ?
뭐 하지 ?

2. ... 니 particle
Ex. 뭐 하니 ?
밥 먹어니 ?

좀 도와 주세요... 감사합니다 :)

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    I suggest you don't care about these insignificant unimportant things
    really you need to differentiate these problems with experience.
    (I didn't mean to hurt you ) you know there are hell lots of endings and stuffs like that
    알겠지? it is asking do you understand it?
    알겠니? it also the same
    If I HAD TO point a finger at it. but 알겠니 feels a little arrogant.
    알겠지 is frendly
    뭐하지? 뭐하니?
    both are different.
    뭐하지 (just boring)hmm.. I don't know what to do, what do I do?
    뭐하니 - what are you doing

    밥먹었니 - did you take a meal?
    밥먹었지? - to make sure you had meal

    damn it.. korean is damn hard.... keep your chin up girl~

    if you ask korean what is difference between 니 and 지 .
    just those 2 particles.
    no way to teach you.. ㅜ.ㅜ indeed

    -native speaker-

    알겠지? = 알았니?
    밥먹었지? = 밥먹었니?
    Two words mean almost the same.

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