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Hi i want to translate:
"They say his Chinese is extremely good"

i wrote - 他们说她的中文好极了。 is that correct?
->do i have to use 得?

or 他们说她的中文话说得好极了?

or are both ok?

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    v. + 得 + ad. eg. 说得好、做得对、干得漂亮
    adj. + 的 + n. eg. 美丽的花儿、好看的姑娘、聪明的爱沙尼亚人
    adv. + 地 + v. eg. 轻易地相信、认真地工作

    At present most Chinese doesn't distinguish the difference between 「的」, 「地」and「得」, so you can use one of them as you wish except in exam.

    i think both are ok if you want to stress his spoken

    他们说"他的"中文好极了。 is correct.

    p.s. her=她的,his=他的


    It should change to 他们说她的中文说得好极了。( Delete the "话"。)

    p.s. We use "漢語"(formal)/"中文"(informal, usually refer to written chinese) , instead of "中文話"。

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