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Whats the difference between "estoy" and "soy"?

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    Dan's right. I would also like to add something to his answer.

    "Estar" generally has 2 uses. Firstly, like Dan said; when refering to someone's location. But secondly, it also refers to ''being'' in a *temporary* manner. And ser is ''being'' in a more permanent/general manner.
    For example:
    Estoy cansado = I am tired (at this moment)
    Siempre soy cansado = I am always tired
    Estoy sentado

    This example might illustrate it better:
    The difference between: "Soy aburrido" and "Estoy aburrido" The first one means ''I am boring'', while the second one means ''I am bored''.

    Though, for a far more extensive explanation, please see the link below:

    ¡Espero que esto le ayude!

    Du kan se på:

    "Estar" implies location, "to be situated in" and "ser" is simply "to be"

    For example,

    Estoy en casa -- I'm at home
    Soy un estúpido -- I'm stupid

    I hope this helps

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