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"Yo soy Toby" or "soy Toby"?

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    It's the same. Es lo mismo.

    In spanish it's not necessary to repeat the subject when it's a personal pronoun (yo, tu, él, ella, nosotros, vosotros, ellos, ellas).

    You can say:
    Yo soy Toby = Yo me llamo Toby. = I'm Toby
    Soy Toby = Me llamo Toby. = I'm Toby or My name is Toby.

    Es igual ¡¡¡

    HI Toby, YO SOY DANIEL, it´s the same Soy Daniel


    If I follow your example I write as:

    1. Yo soy Toby --> I am Toby
    2. Soy Toby --> I'm toby

    In spanish is better say: Soy Toby
    Isn't wrong say: "Yo soy Toby" but is not common, I prefer say "Soy Toby" because you don't have to repeat the subject. But both are correct

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