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    You can say "こそ" as an emphasis.
    ex: this book こそ (enphasized) what I'm looking for. I finally found it!
    this book is what I'm looking for. (simple sentence).

    It should be that there are many stuff and not so easy to find or decide something, but you found the one (decided the thing) you want, you'll say "こそ".

    There is another example:
    A: thank you very much
    B: same here

    When you are the person B, you can say "こちらこそ".
    In this situation, you should say thanks to the person A before he saying it, but it's too late. Hence, you can say "こそ" because "Same here" is not enough to express your gratitude. So it's going to be the same thing as an above example. For showing how much you are appreciate it, you'll be emphasized by saying こちら"こそ".

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