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Expresar "now" en español

Hola a todos

Yo sé que "now" en español es "ahora" pero cuando dije "pues, ahora me acuesto" mi amiga de Peru me dijo que no suena muy español. Ahora ya olvido por qué pero recuerdo que me dijo algo como "debes decir 'ahora estoy acostarme'" porque "ahora" es totalmente en el presente. No entiendo... Como diría "I'm going to bed now, cya!" en español?


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    Hi, first of all, you have to know that "ahora" has different meanings that can be used in different situations, for example:
    Meaning #1: ahora = Hoy(today)
    Meaning #2: ahora: en este momento (at this moment)

    in both cases, it has to be followed by an action verb.

    When you want to use Ahora as moment, it has to be followed by an action verb... an example would be: " pues, ahora ME VOY a acostar"--- ME VOY is the verb used in this sentence, and indicates that at this moment you´re going to bed.

    in this case, you did not use the verb so "ahora" was not used correctly and sound weird for a native spanish speaker.

    The second meaning can be used to express something that you will do this day, for example: "pues, ahora(hoy) dormiré" ... the verb in this one is DORMIRÉ.

    Hope I helped you, if you need more advice, I am a native spanish speaker and teacher graduated from a University in Mexico and I will be more than happy to help you to develop your conversational skills for a very cheap price. Feel free to contact me, have a nice day :)

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