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difference between hook up and hit it off

I am a little confused what is the meaning and how these words can be interpreted

If I would say that I hit it off with a person -> I am saying that he/she is my friend, I like his/her personalty and we get along well or I am saying that I fall in love with a person. He/she attracted me. I want to have a relationship with this person

what about hook up? they both mean the same?. does It depend of some countries or regions?. How can I know when a person uses these words if they are talking about relationship or friendship?.

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    Depending on the context:

    "Hook up" usually means "have sex" implicitly unless used for business where "hook up" can mean "meet up with an old friend" and/or "make a connection" for business like "I hooked up with an old friend yesterday." versus "I hooked up with a smokin' blonde yesterday."

    "Hit it off" is usually used with friends when talking about how a date went: Friend: "How did you hit it off with that smokin' blonde, Diego?" Diego: "We connect well. We are very similar."


    Hook up is very similar to hit it off. If you hooked up with a woman at a bar, you probably had sex. However, if you hooked up with a friend for coffee, you probably just had coffee. You can hook up with a friend after work for drinks or you can hook up with a potential love interest for drinks. The meaning changes depending on the context. Hope that helps a bit.

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