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Questions for German people...

My "homework" is about the German education system, I have some doubts I would like to ask you...

-What was Prussia and what would it be today? (territory-wise)

-Do you have Gymnasium,Realschule and Volksschule/Hauptschule "separations" as of today?. Don't you think separate people from different social status is something wrong? What are your thoughts about this?

-Do you take the Abitur exam at the end of Junior high school? What does it consist of?

Correct me if I am wrong on this:

Wilhelm von Humboldt: = Gymnasium and Abitur.

Georg Kerschnsteiner = Dual system.

-What does these 2 men represent in the German education now? Does people "thank" one of them more than the other for the current system, was there other important people in the education area?

-Does the dual system ( work+study) exist today? and what are you thoughts about it?

I might have more questions later, thanks for answering.

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