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What verb would be accurate and appropriate?

(If something cings to our finger or our hair, or we will get them off by flicking them away. but if things stick to other parts of our body, it seems "flick" would be not the right verb to use, doesn't it?)

What verb would you use if something clings to the back of your hand, foot or your shoulder? Thanks

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i mean when you don't have hands.:)

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    Usually the word you use is determined by what you do to get it off.

    For shoulder, it is usually "brush" because you take the back of your hand to brush off whatever is stuck to you. For example, "Brush that dirt off your shoulders."

    If you have something like snot on you, you might still "flick" it off using your fingers.

    If you have something like mud clinging to your foot, you might "scrape" it off using your fingernails.

    It really depends more on how you get it off, not where it is.

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