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How would you explain “a warm obtuse ache” in the context?


I put my pants on and I went out onto the back porch and spit over the handrail, and it was a yellowish brown, and my body pulsed with a warm obtuse ache from my eyelids to my fingertips. The ache was inside my body too, an all-encompassing type of pain like my whole skin was made out of a fat lip. I lit a cigarette and went down to the pond behind her house, the light all bright and shimmery like raw linen in the dense summer air, then farther back into the woods where the pond drained into a creek and ran between steeply gouged out red-clay banks. At a spot where the creek caught up and swirled and eddied between exposed rocks, I found a place I’d often come to as a child.

How would you explain “a warm obtuse ache” in the first sentence?

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    Obtuse in the technical sense means an angle greater than 90 degrees. In other words - not sharp. It seems to me that it therefore means a dull, rather than sharp pain. The pain is also warm, rather than cold (as a chill might be).
    So - it is a warm, dull pain.

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