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verbal root in arabic . it change according to the subjects ?

how the verbal root works according to the subjects in arabic ?

beside the verbal root, are the noun , adjective...... also have the root aswell ?

please explain us


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    i thing i understanding you i explain it for friend befor like blow ...
    yes it's change for ex.
    I'll use the verb ذهب again so u can compare the present with the past ( prefix , suffix )

    ي + ذهب ← يَذهب .................. he go (s/m)
    ي + ذهب + ان ← يَذهَبان .......... they go (d/m)
    ي + ذهب + وْنَ ← يَذهَبونَ ......... they go (p/m)

    ت + ذهب ← تَذهَب .......... you go / she go
    ت + ذهب + ان ← تَذهَبان ...... you go (d/f) / they go (d/f)

    ي + ذهب + نَ ← يَذهَبن ........ they go (p/f)
    ت + ذهب + وْنَ ← تَذهَبون ...... you go (p/m)
    ت + ذهب + نَ ← تَذهَبنَ ........ you go (p/f)
    You can use تَذهبون for …. You go (p/m) & (p/f) that's not wrong

    ت + ذهب + يْن َ ← تَذهبين you go (s/f)

    أ + ذهب ← أذهَب ..... I go
    ن + ذهب ← نَذهَب .... we go

    f -female m- male s-singular p- plural d-duple

    good luck

    I could not understand what you are talking about??!! may be due to my poor English. But I think things are clear enough in Arabic language and we have increasing number of (new) speakers from China , Russia, and Korea..The root for the Arabic verb is in its (past tense-single-masculine ) form, out of which you can form new conjugations for the other pronouns and even form the other tenses.
    in each of these forms the verb normally matches the gender and number of the "doer", a person like you is too late to ask such a question. you are supposed to pass over all these basics.

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