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Yesterday I saw a really really wonderful and beautiful short video on NHK World about Aomori Sakura. It was about 5 minutes and from the middle of the show this beautiful song was played.
Name of the song is "Sakurabito" and is sung by "Every Little Things (ELT)".
Did anyone hear this song before? Here is the official music video=>

(I am wanting to download or watch that video again on the internet but I can't find it anywhere. Even on the TV schedule list if the NHK World website it shows that this program will not be shown again....残念です ;-(

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    桜人(sakurabito) is actually an old word that have existed since the 11th century, meaning a person enjoying cherry blossoms. This word is often used for haiku as a seasonal word expresses spring.

    For modern Japanese people, sakura is also a symbolic word / item associated with people's new meetings and partings, because the school and business year starts in April in Japan.

    I think that the songwriter sings about someone whom she used to love and parted in the sakura season (probably by graduation from school), using the word "sakurabito."

    Anyway, it's a beautiful song. Thanks for sharing!

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