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What does 很不看好 mean in this sentence?


What does 很不看好 mean in this sentence? 我本人可以接受同性恋者但是很不看好,希望中国不要同性恋合法化,不要给社会添乱子了!

Does it mean 'the situation doesn't look good?

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The whole sentence reads. 你说的对,理性的说,同性恋也需要婚姻更需要法律保护,但是中国五千年的传统文化很难接受同性恋,我本人可以接受同性恋者但是很不看好,希望中国不要同性恋合法化,不要给社会添乱子了!!!

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    It means that he/she is pessimistic about that

    not favor it..not agree with it and think that wont last long

    It means that although the writer is fine with homesexual, but in China It still won`t be accepted by most of people. And it will bring something bad to society.

    Yes, basically it means "doesn't look very good"

    when u are going to do something, I say 我看好你 to u. It means I think u can finish this successfully.
    when something in which exists some argument(yes / no) is going to happen, I say 我不看好 something, it means in my opinion, I think it is going to be "no"
    in ur example, 现在很多国家让同性恋合法了,同性恋者的权益理应受到法律保护,但我不看好,因为中国.......... It means "......I dont think China will allow the homosex to be legal because......."

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