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Stand someone up, what does it mean?

Can anybody tell me what "stand someone up means" means??
I think this expression is used when you have an appointment with somebody but he/she doesn´t show up. Am I wright?

Thanks everyone!

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    means to make someone stand ( mettre (quelqu'un) debout ) en francais ; To rise to an upright position on the feet. or to place someone into a standing position
    another meaning = not turn up for a date . to fail to keep an appointment with someone, especially a romantic date . So when you stand up someone look like you make plans with someone, but don't go. and you wont tell him that you will come or not
    Example : You've stood me up two times now!

    "flake out" - did you mean "fake out"?

    "flake out" would indicate someone acting erratically

    "fake out" indicates a deliberate intent to mislead someone. "fake out" is usually physical and not verbal. Most commonly used in sports; a sudden change in direction to mislead an opponent.


    Yes, that's exactly right. Amusingly, if someone "stands you up", it means they have "let you down"!

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