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Can someone help me with these sentences?

원 별 말씀을 다 하십니다.
Can someone tell me what's 원 별?

인사도 드릴 겸 점심식사나 함께 하려고 해요.
what is grammatically 드릴 겸 ?

이 선생님에게 가 물어봅니다.
what is the meaning of 가 물어봅니다 ?

Thank you .

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    1. It's a form. 원 별 말씀을 다하십니다 means you don't need to thank me for what you've done
    and It's formal. you are not supposed to use it to your friends or family
    원 is an exclamation it is almost used in above sentence. you can add 별 in this kind of sentence 별 걸 다아네 It means how come you know all about these?(these in this sentence are that you think unimportant)
    2. ~겸 is difficult to explain for me. so these sentences
    소화겸 산책가다 - I'm going for a walk so that I can also digest
    스트레스 풀겸 게임하다 - I'm playing games so that I can also release stress
    3 wrong sentence. you need the person who talk to teacher Lee.
    OO가 물어봅니다 means OO is asking a question

    forgive my bad english.. and sorry for my bad and insufficient explanation cuz I'm tired (2.00AM)
    if you are ok I'll teach you some useful expressions haha

    -a korean who's sleepy zZZ-

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