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How I can use the word "up"?

I'm confuse with this word, I don't how to use it. Can you tell me in which situation could I use this word?
Thank you so much.

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    Up means above that was right but we can fine lot of expression have not the same meaning of above which countain up like : vers le haut, "back up", "close up", "make up", "round up" jack-up . cut up . start up ....big liste
    So the "up" conveys a sense of "completeness" to the verb. For example, "the house did not just burn, it burnt up (completely) . its being used as an adverb .

    Typically 'up' means the same as 'above'. For example: The plane is flying up.

    However it's also used in a lot of phrasal verbs, which you just have to memorise one by one unfortunately. A lot of the time it means 'good' or 'getting better'.

    If you have a specific example in mind, we can tell you what it means in that situation.

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