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Is this sentence correct? 値段が高い食べ物はあまりすきじゃない食べています?

I'm trying to say "I don't like eating expensive food." I know that 値段が高い食べ物はあまりすきじゃない is "I don't like expensive foods but I wasn't sure how to say I didn't like eating expensive foods. Help please? ありがとうございます!

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    These are okay (correct).

    You can also use が instead of は. like 食べること”が”好きじゃない.

    Actually 値段が高い食べ物はあまり好きじゃない implies “I don't like eating expensive foods” too, depending on situation.

    “あまり好きじゃない食べています” は分りにくいです。(^^)

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