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Can "uçurum" be used as an adverb or adjective?

According to the dictionary, "uçurum" means a cliff, but I found this usage from a song (belalım)

Uçurum uçurum gözlerine baktığım sensin

I can totally understand "gözlerine baktığım sensin"

You're the one who I look into his/her eyes.

What does "uçurum uçurum" mean in this case? Is it an adjective for gözleri? Is it an adverb for baktığım?

Additional Details:

I found some translations that interpret it as "deeply", as in "you're the one I look deeply into your eyes".

Is this correct? Why doesn't the dictionary definition suggest this kind of meaning?

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    Uçurum means cliff but in that song it means deep. You eyes are like a cliff, sharp, deep, or even dangerous.

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