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刚和刚才有什么意思? 有一样的意思吗? 谁知道? T____T

My book says they have got no difference but my teacher says they have! I am deeply confused! I need help p.q

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    Both of these words have the meaning"a moment ago",but they have difference :
    "刚”emphasis the time that someone did something ,for example:他刚出去(he went out just a moment ago.)and imply that he didn't come back .
    "刚才“ emphasis the fact that someone has done something,for example:他刚才出去了(he went out a moment ago),and i don't know if he is back or not.

    刚 is a adv. 刚:it was not long before something happened. For example:他刚从北京回来。
    刚才 is a noun. 刚才 means a period of time that passed just now. For example:刚才他在工作,这会儿开会去了。

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