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How should I say "I don't know" in Korean?

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    Most formal: 저는 이하지 못했읍니다 (jeo-neun i-ha-ji mot-hae-sseum-ni-da)
    Formal: 모르겠어요 (mo-reu-gess-eo-yo)
    less formal: 모르겠어 (mo-reu-gess-eo)
    informal: 몰라요 (mol-la-yo)

    몰라요 - mollayo
    But I'm just learning Korean as well, so I'm not completely sure whether this is right^^'

    The verb "모르다" means "to not know." It has an irregular conjugation, but once you know how, you can apply it for whatever formality level you need.

    "몰라요" is the polite informal way to say it. That's probably how you'd say it in everyday conversation.

    You can see some other conjugations of it here:

    몰라요....molayo i dont know in korean^_^

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