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I have a question about some expressions

An original sentence is 'Put yourself in her shoes'
Can I use try to put yourself in her side, in her mind or in her perspective in stead of in her shoes?
please answer like this
in her side(yes or no) on her side(yes or no)
in her mind(yes or no) on her mind(yes or no)
in her perspective(yes or no)

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    'Put yourself in her side' I have never heard before, and we don't use the preposition 'in' with the word 'side' in this way. 'Put yourself on her side' would mean support someone in an endeavor, especially an adversarial one, in which whoever 'she' is might need support. Usually, though, we would use the expressions 'take her side' or 'get behind her'.

    'Put yourself in her mind' could be taken to mean 'understand how she thinks about things'. To be 'on someone's mind' means that the person is thinking about you.

    We would not say 'Put yourself in her perspective' but rather 'see things from her perspective'.

    Hope this helps.

    in her side (no) on her side (yes)
    in her mind (yes) on her mind (no)
    in her perspective (no)

    The best way would be to say "from her perspective".

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