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Which language should I focus on more when going to Germany? German or French?

I'm going to Germany for a short while during the summer so i would like to brush up on my language skills. I know a little French, but have never learned German before. I know a lot of people in Europe are multilingual so I was thinking brushing up on my French through self study might be good enough. Are the're that many people in the major cities that speak French or will I just have to try to learn German as well?

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    Hey !
    I think that if you're going to Germany it would be better if you try to learn it ;)

    you will visit germany so learn germany . i think it will be easy for a english speaker ( The Germanic languages ) .

    German for sure.


    I would opt for German too, but many Germans understand and speak English at least in major cities, so you don't need to worry too much!

    For a short while stick to English more people would understand it than french...
    Sad :(

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