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I have a travel question about 大阪。Besides ドンキホーテ、are there any other stores open late?

By late I mean open 24 hours or until 4 or 5am?
Preferably in the Namba area. I see Yodobashi and Grand Front close at 22:00. Thanks for your help Osakanians!

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Not including Lawson's, etc. ;)

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    ブックオフ大阪難波中店(BOOK OFF Osaka namba-naka store) opens till 4am.

    Some ダイエー(Daiei) opens late or 24h.

    Other than this, most retail shops close at 8pm or 10:30pm at the latest. Many restaurants close at 10pm, but some open till later.
    As you don't include Lawson, you don't include McDonald, karaoke, internet /manga cafe, right?

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