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흥미로울 meaning?

i know it means interesting and it comes from the verb 흥미롭다 ,right? but why it it in this form? is it an adjective like this but even then, i thought adjectives were made using (으)ㄴ? help please

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    Many verbs that have a stem ending with "ㅂ" have irregular conjugations. In this case, as with most others, the "ㅂ" is dropped and "우" is added to the stem.

    "흥미롭다" means "interesting," so if you want to say "It is interesting" you would say "흥미로워요."

    As far as the "ㄹ" ending goes, without the context, it's hard to know for certain what the meaning is. I know that "ㄹ" is usually added to the stem if you're creating a future sense.


    "흥미로울 거예요."
    "It will be interesting."

    If you go to this site:

    ...and click on the "ㄹ" link, you'll see many patterns that start with "ㄹ," so perhaps you can find the one you're looking for there.

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