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what is difference between :

what is difference between türkçe dersi and türkçe dersine

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    "türkçe dersi" is a Genitive construction, meaning that the relevant phrase consists of two nouns that are related to each other in terms of possession and connection (türkçe ders-i) When setting a sentence;

    - if "türkçe dersi" is in nominative case, there is not any manipulations on the phrase.
    Example: Türkçe dersi, yabancılar tarafından sevilen bir ders. (Turkish lesson is a beloved lesson by foreigners.)

    -if "türkçe dersi" is in dative case, it receives "-e" case ending to become the indirect object of a verb. In this case, "-e" comes after "i", hence "n" added between them to avoid pronunciation difficulties: dersi + (n)e
    Example: Dün Türkçe dersine katılamadım. (I couldn't attend to Turkish lesson yesterday.)

    Türkçe dersi=>Turkish lesson
    Türkçe dersine=>for Turkish lesson(class)

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