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Come back/go back.

I'm going to Brasil next Saturday and I think to come back within 3 weeks. (Speaking to my mother at home in Italy).
This is just a grammatical logical curiosity: Since return home/return to "one's place" = "come back (to)", what does "go back (to somewhere) mean?
Have I interpreted well the following sentences?
Last week I came back to the town I was born ( = now i'm there)
Last week I went back to the town I was born (= now I'm not there, after the trip I came back home)

Thank you

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    To "come back" to a place means to return to a place you've been before, and it's said when you're currently in the place.
    "I came back last week." (meaning you're still there)
    "I've come back." (usually if you just arrived there)
    "I will come back next week." (meaning you haven't left yet)
    "Please come back." (asking someone to come to where you are)

    To "go back" means that you will return to somewhere you've been before, and is said whenever you're not at the place.
    "I went back last week." (meaning you're not there any more)
    "I'm going to go back." (meaning you intend to go somewhere, but aren't there yet)
    "You should go back." (meaning that the place the speaker wants you to go is not the place where he/she currently is)

    Alessandro, you are correct. You say you come back to A when you are in still in A and you say you go back to A when you are in B

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