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Can I say like this?


Are these two sentence right or not?

1 I propose that all TV program be prohibitdd by goverment.

2 I propose that all TV program should be prohibited by goverment.

If they are both right, how to explain the that in the first sentence, its usage there?

Thank you so much!

Additional Details:

This is the whole sentence I saw in a text book, and I don't know the struct of the sentence:

I would like to propose that for sisty to ninty minutes each evening, right after the early evening news, all television broadcasting in the US be prohibited by law.

I can't understand the "that" in the sentence, if it is a object clause, the clause should be a complete sentence but not "be prohibted", which mean passive. So I rewrite as the second sentence above add a "should" to make the clause part complete. Without "should" , the "that" also should be removed.

I am sorry that because I forget to quotate the "that", and it make the question not clear.

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