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Do I need to quote when I say "Can I say ..."?


If I want to say "Can I say ...?", do I have to use quoting? For example...

Example: Can I say (the word called) "buzzword"?
Translation: 유행어라는 마디를 말해도 돼요?
Or: 유행어라는 마디를 말할 수도 있어요?

Just so there is no confusion, I don't want the above question answered. :) I just want to know how I would ask that question. I hope that makes sense.

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    Can/Could I say ".... "?

    (according to the context)
    .... 말할 수 있나요?(one's ability) or 말해도 되나요?(asking permission)

    (제가 유행어를) 말해도 되요?
    말해도 되나요?
    말해도 될까요?


    Sure - may I say 'buzzword' - the quotes (or double quotes) make it very clear that it is the WORD 'buzzword' rather than the MEANING of the word 'buzzword' you refer to. Think of this sentence:
    Short is a short word and long is not a long word, both belong to the class of short words and equally to the class of not long words - how much clearer it is as 'Short' is a short word and 'long' is not a long word... Thanks to Lord Russell!

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