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Why I always forget English words?

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    You need to learn words in context if you want to remember them. For example: compelling reason. You need to look thoroughly how the words are placed in the text and what words are accurate, the so-called "collocation". For instance: "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Christmas".

    may still need a lot of exercise so that you will remember the words themselves.


    You have to try to read a lot to be able to improve your writing and try to listen podcast or news from some English channel. And I think you should say: Why do I always forget English words?


    It's lucky that you are going to study abroad. There is a Chinese saying that when the ship comes to the bridge, it will be straight. Don't worry. You've still got a lot of time to brush up your English. Try to read more so there is more chance that the words you have learnt before will come to your mind again. It is through repetition and review that you will not forget the words. Keep it up!

    Research shows that you need to see a new word in a language 16 times before you remember it. You need to keep revising. Try flash cards, or leaving notes in your house with new words on so you are always looking at them. Listening to English language media also helps, because you hear the words used in natural environments.

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