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How I want to say....

How I want to say something of mine, like:

-My brother
-My book
-My heart

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    We say '내- ', my -, eg. my book 내 책. my brother 내 형제. my heart, my 내, heart 심장, 내 심장 or heart 마음, 내 마음. 심장 refers 'biological organ circulating blood', 마음 mind, heart.
    However, we have another expression for my, 나의~. 나의 마음, 나의 책, 나의 형제(들).
    Remember that we don't usually use plural forms, 나의 형제 can mean a brother or brothers.

    We also have honorific forms of 나/나의. When we say to someone older than us or someone we don't know, we then should show some degree of respect, so we lower ourselves as '저의' '제'
    저의 마음. 저의 책, 저의 형제들. 제 마음, 제 책, 제 형제. But we don't lower when we refer 'my country' as 저희(our) 나라. We say 우리 나라, 내 나라, 나의 나라, 나의 조국, because the nation itself shouldn't be lowered.

    So you can say
    내 마음, 내 책 to your same age friends or to children
    제 마음, 제 책 to your parents, teacher, or someone very much older than you.

    my = 내, 나의 / 저, 저의, 제
    our = 우리, 우리의 / 저희, 저희의

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