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初めまして or 始めまして?

When I write Japanese on my computer I get bot options to chose from. When I tried to resolve the problem by checking which means what, I was surprised to find out that both of them mean "How do you do?". Help! How should I write はじめまして? By using 初 or 始?

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    There is clearly difference.

    初め = first
    始め = beginning, start, launch

    Difference between those two is "FIRST" and "BEGINNING or START". Hence, "how do you do?" goes to the former but not the latter one. Now you know what comes next?

    When you want to greet someone you've FIRST met, you will say
    初めまして = nice to me you, how do you do?

    When you will START or BEGIN a new business, you will say
    あたらしい しごとを 始めます。


    I use 初めまして if they have never met me before. Actually both are correct according to online dictionaries and my dictionary, but I think 始めまして is less common nowadays. Also I often write it in ひらがな.

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