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من الشهورات مغنيين او مطربين عربي

could you recommend famous arabe singers ?

which song you recommend?

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    من أشهر مغنيين أو مطربي عرب ؟
    Do you want MSA or dialect singers?


    if you want old and classical songs you can see Abdalhaem Hafez (عبد الحليم حافظ) or Fayroz (فيروز)
    and if you want to listen to modern music you can see
    for Lebanese singers : Assy Al-Helany (عاصي الحلاني) and Nancy Ajram (نانسي عجرم) and Wael Kfory (وائلكفوري)
    for Assy yo can hear the songs that called : (jn jnony جن جنوني)
    and for Nancy you can listen to (Anta eh انت ايه)
    Weal Kfory (belgaram بل غرام)
    And for Egyptian singers you can listen for Amr dyab (عمرو دياب) and Hany shaker (هاني شاكر) and Shereen (شيرين)
    for Amr dyab you can hear (Tamaly maak تملي معاك)
    and for Hany Shaker you can listen to (Sdek omry صديق عمري)
    and for Shereen (Ana gay olak أنا جاي ألك)
    And you also can Kazm Al-saher (كاظم الساهر)for the songs (Alamany hobk علمني حبك\Almostabda المستبدة)

    There's a lot of Arab singers and I can't write about them all in one comment and for every singers there's a lot of great songs
    if you want you can tell what kind of Music you like to listen for and I can tell you about that kind.

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