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Spain Spanish, Latin Spanish, or Both of Them?

I wanna learn spanish through a software called rosseta stone. There are two kinds of spanish provided by the software, latin spanish and spain spanish. Is it worth it if i buy both of them? If i only buy one of them which one do you think i have to choose?
I want to know both latin and spain spanish.

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    It depends on your preferences and liking about the language. I would ask myself several questions.

    What are my goals through learning the language? (i.e, work, speaking with some friends or family, etc.). If you main goal is using the language in your work, be sure where your customers are placed or situated (South America, Spain...). If you just need to write it or want to learn a new language, pick the one you feel more comfortable with or you like the best the culture or accent.

    Do I plan working or going abroad? Castillian spanish and Latin spanish can be difficult to understand in some countries. If you don't know, you can choose an argentinian, chilean or venezuela accent that can be understood very well by most spanish speaking countries (that's my opinion like a native spanish speaker from Spain).

    It's hard to tell, I would compare latin spanish vs spain spanish with american english vs british english.

    I'm really curious about what is what they call latin spanish as it changes plenty from contries to contries so there can't be a true-unified latin spanish...

    You can try latin spanish ist more complex and rich, you have more people in the world speaking latin spanish, all Latinamerica and EU, and Phiilipines. It´s true about difference but this are only local modism, All of us, in Latinamerica have the same training for official spanish. We learn the same correct way for speaking spanish.

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