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Does this book use the standard Korean pronunciation(Seoul accent)?

Now I'm using this book to learn Korean language, because it is the most common text book for many Korean majors of Chinese university, and has an excellent grammar system.
But the only problem is the pronunciation. Some people said the MP3 of this book sounds like North Korea accent but not South Korea(Seoul accent). Actually Chinese language has this problem as well. The people in Taiwan and the mainland China have different accent, but we can understand each very well.
Doesn anybody could help me to listen to this mp3 of this website and let me know?
This website is legal and for learning language. Trust me.
Thanks a lot.

For learning: Korean
Base language: English
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    I heard the recording. The woman has the "very standard" accent, but, the man sounds not very natural but all right anyway. I guess the man would be from '연변, 延边朝鲜族自治州, 延邊朝鮮族自治州, Yánbiān Cháoxiǎnzú Zìzhìzhōu". But don't worry, his accent has not problem at all. However, if you want standard Korean accent, just watch YouTube video clips with an English subtitle. It will help you get used to it.

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