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when do you use ですけど?

i am a huge fan of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and I like watching all sorts of her videos especially interviews even if i can't understand a thing. And I often hear her say ですけどat the end of almost all her sentences! Can someone explain it to me?

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    1.To convert a casual way "だけど" into a formal way should be "ですけど".
    Meaning is "but" and you can use it when you want to connect a sentence to another.
    ex: えいがに いくんですけど、あなたも きますか?
    (we are going to catch a flick, but do you want to come with us?)

    2. To expect the listener to say something after that.
    ex: A: のどが かわいたんですけど..... (I'm thirsty.....)
    B: きっさてんに いきましょうか? (Do you want to stop by a coffee shop?)

    3. When you are not sure exactly what you should do or what you should say next, and want to make it vague.
    ex: まぁ、それでも いいですけど..... (Well, that's fine for me though.....)

    Nowadays, Japanese people tend to add "だけど" or "ですけど" at the end of the sentence, but actually there is no such a big meaning.

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