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English idioms

What English idioms are used very often? What common idioms can you advise to learn?

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    There are thousands. Everyone will have their own favourites. I would recommend an Idiom dictionary, or you can download an Idiom and Phrases dictionary for free if you have a smart phone (search the app store). You can try learning one or two a day and practising them in conversation.

    One warning: idioms are clichés, so they are fine for conversation, but they should be avoided if you're writing essays, articles, letters, formal emails, etc.

    maybe Chinese idioms

    This might be helpful...

    In fact, there are tons of them, it depends what meaning you want to express. Some of them are a little strange and can be out of fashion, so you need to notice what situation you are. Here is a one I like, "Act your age, not your shoe size", it works more in America, European size doesn't fit very well :)
    Here are some sources for you to reference:
    The more British ones:
    The more American ones:

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