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    意思:情感之重何以承受。 形容事物的感情深刻到令人难以承受的地步。

    造个句子,例如 你考90分都嫌低,让我这个考70分的人情何以堪啊。

    Haha, this is a funny one, very popular slang in Chinese, it means when you meet something strange or unusual, you feel surprised, embarrassed, awakened or mixed of complicated feeling, you don't stand and can't find a word to express your feeling towards this thing or ppl. All in all, a complicated feeling :D
    Give you a little dark example, your ex broke with you, cause you don't have much money, now you see she is with a ugly, fat guy but driving BMW, now you can use this phase.
    p.s. the example isn't based on my experience :P but it happens every day in China now

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