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English is so dificult to learn,are there some easy ways?

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    To speak English, you just have to speak it.

    ...I'm just kidding :D but, just use it. Everyone I know who is learning English, and is making great progress, they are the ones who don't actually "study" it.

    For example, I help about 7-8 people from italki practice English. Half of them speak very naturally, write fast and native-like, and pick up idioms and phrases very quickly off me. When I talk to them, I forget that they are non-native. It is really like having a conversation with another Brit, and the only "studying" they get is when I correct them on a glaring error they've made. These learners watch American/English tv, movies, sing along to English music, have conversations with me and other natives, and in summary, just immerse themselves in English in a fun and relaxing way.

    Then I have my other practice partners, who know the right vocabulary, but cannot fit it into the sentences correctly. Often we misunderstand each other a lot. During a 20 minute conversation, I might see 2-3 sentences that are completely perfect, and that's it. Mostly the English sounds unnatural and grammatically wrong. There are long gaps in the conversation when the other person runs a phrase that I have used through Google Translate, instead of just asking me a little more about it. These are the learners who STUDY the grammar, learn lists of vocabulary, cram English for tests, and treat English like a chore.

    As you can see, the first group of learners are by far the best at making progress. Follow their example, and you'll be just fine :)

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