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what is the difference between the Austrlian accent and British accent?

i know a sentence:
people say it in Britain: what are you going today?
people say it in Australia: what are you going to die?
it sounds like that Australian people speak "i" instead of "a". is that right?
so except this one, are there any other differences?

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    I don't think there are any specific generalisations in the exact pronunciation, but you should check out some British dramas (e.g. "Eastenders") and Australian dramas (e.g. "Neighbours") and you'll hear the difference in typical English. For me, I often find Australian is more melodic than British-English, the vowels seem a bit stretched out and slightly distorted and there is a tendency for pitch to rise at the end of sentences. I say this as a Brit, and I looove the Australian accent :)


    New Zealanders also have different vowel sounds ... it seems they neutralise vowels so that, six sex sux all sound the same.
    The british have several different accents anyway, there are different accents in the north, the south, and even around London.

    The sentence should be 'what are you DOING today?' OR 'WHERE are you going today?'

    Generally the words are pronounce similarly, but A my be pronounced like ay or are for example in dance, chance, data - in Australia it will tend to be DAYTA dance, in NZ or UK DARTA ...


    "What are you doing to die?" Uhmm, no. We never say that. Only tourists trying to copy our accent say that.

    Australians actually have a different voice placement, which makes the accent deeper and warmer. It's not just a case of swapping vowels. Added to that, there are vowel differences between regional Australian accents. It's a whole new world. ;)

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