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What to use for the word "to" in Dutch?


Can somebody help me to understand when to use what?

om - to, for, at, on, about, by
aan - to, on, at, in, by, upon
naar - to, for, at, in, from, after
tot - to, until, for, into, till, at
voor - to, until, towards, pro, like, in
bij - at, in, to, by, with, on
om te - to

this list has been provided by google translate. I just am too afraid to talk about anything because I don't understand the prepositions.

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    It's all about context. Lots of times there's no consistent 1:1 translation possible.

    From ... to = van .... naar
    I give this to you = ik geef het aan jou
    I go to the shop in order to ...... = ik gaa naar de winkel om .....
    I walked from here to his house (and arrived). ... Ik liep van hier tot zijn huis
    For the other ones I would need to see a sentence in English first. Context, you know.

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