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What's the difference between 要 and 想?

I can't clearly understand how to say "I want something (to do something)" in Chinese: 要 or 想?
And how to say "I think that..." Using 想 or 觉得?
Thank you so much in advance!

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    要:I want sth/Iwant to do sth.
    想:I think...

    they also the same


    要 is more determined than 想 when they mean want:

    我要去中国。-------want to and sometime is already planed.
    我想去中国。-------wish, is an indea in my mind.

    想also means think, it can be used when you really work with your brain----我在想办法。
    it can also be used when it means "in my opinion", then it can be changed with "觉得"-------
    我想我应该去。 我觉得我应该去。

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