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About の replacing a noun ! is that right?

that thing is small( Let's say is a CD)
の in that case would be talking about this CD?

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    OK, I try to elaborate a bit. :)

    Basically, you can just simply replace a noun with の, so that you can avoid repeating the noun. For example, you can have following dialogue:

    A: 「この本はあなたの本ですか?」 ("What comes to this book, is it your book?")
    B: 「いいえ、違います。幸子さんの本です。」 ("No, it's not. It's Sachiko's book")

    Once you know that it's a book/本 that you are talking about, you can just leave the word out. The の in the sentences acts as placeholder for the word 本 aswell as denotes ownership. Like this:
    A: 「この本はあなたのですか?」 ("What comes to this book, is it yours?")
    B: 「いいえ、違います。幸子さんのです。」 ("No, it's not. It's Sachiko's")

    So, your example could be part of this kind of conversation:
    A: 「これはCDです。」
    B: 「小さいCDですね。」または、「小さいのですね。」
    Here you can either repeat the word CD or replace it with の, which means in this case "one" ("It's a small one, right?") or "thing" ("It's a small thing, isn't it").

    Another example:
    A: 「どんな映画が好きですか?」
    B: 「面白いのが好きです。」 ("I like interesting ones")
    You can of course repeat the word 映画 and say also 「面白い映画が好きです。」

    Please read more about の in here: Scroll down until you find headline "The 「の」 particle". :)

    Leave out the topic particle は and you have a correct sentence. :)

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