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Shows to practice German (which are not too complicated)

I'd like to practice listening to German, since it's not very good right now. I'm looking for some kind of show (on TV, video or the internet), but the problem is that most German shows I've looked at are aimed at native adults, so it's too complicated. I've looked at children's shows, but the ones I've found are mostly too childish to be entertaining. I'm looking for something in which the language isn't too complicated (but not too simplistic either), but which I could find entertaining. Something aimed at middle or maybe even lower aged teenagers is probably best, but I'll leave it at your discretion. It doesn't need to be in production now, so feel free to think back to what you used to watch.
Thanks in advance!

For learning: German
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    Try, here's the link:
    You can change language to English to help you navigate on the website, but all shows, videos, news are in German. On the right you've got different levels (Niveaustufe), so just browse and hopefully you'll find something for yourself :)

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