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    在你描述的情节中,男的追求女的,但是女的感到厌烦(心理学认为,厌烦是一种低能量级的愤怒),这个时候对男的说:你欠揍吗? 欠,欠缺,缺少;揍,beat,break。欠揍-欠缺被人揍,女人对男人说这句话的意思是,你这么讨厌的来追求(骚扰)我,是不是因为你想激怒我从而寻求被人打一顿? 欠揍是一个贬义词,平常状态没有人愿意承认自己欠揍。这个时候男人承认自己欠揍,并不是真的承认自己想被人打一顿,而是承认他知道对女生造成了骚扰但他因为爱她,所以已然要坚持追她。 当然,你提供的只是一个简单的情节,我也只是大概猜的,根据电影情节,两个人的对话意味可能远远不止这些,但“欠揍”的字面意思就是上面解释的情况。


    欠:owe 我欠你五欧元。 I owe you five euroes.
    揍:beat/hit for example when u do something wrong, maybe ur dad will 揍你. such as kicking ur ass.... :D

    when somebody is totally over ur line, u can say these phrases to him. they are questions but they mean that "I can not stand/bear what u are doing".

    but in some cases, such as parents to kids or girlfriend to boyfriend say these phrases, maybe it is a kind of joke.
    ofc, among friends, u can say these too. it is just like "I will kick ur ass" u know, if u say this to ur friend, maybe it is just a joke.

    欠揍 simply means "deserve a good beating" or "deserve to be beaten". Normally we would say that when we think someone behaves badly, which makes you so angry or annoyed that you want to beat him to let your anger out. In your context, that man must have kept pestering or following her, which was angering and annoying the woman.

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